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2014 Southwest Kiln Conference

The Southwest Kiln Conference, also known as the Leupp Kiln Conference, is an informal group of archeologists, potters, replicators and just people interested in the processes and materials used to create ancient pottery of the Southwest. It has been going on almost every year since 2003 when they met in Old Leupp Arizona (hence the name).

The date and time for the 2014 gathering has been set, it will be held in Tijeras, New Mexico on August 29 – 31, 2014. Previous participants, new artists and anyone with an interest in prehistoric pottery is invited to bring pieces to this event and fire them using a range of firing methods and fuels which include trench, pit and surface kilns.

More information, schedules, maps and registration form can be found at their amazing new website (I know the web designer).


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I am an independent researcher, writer and artist interested in all things Southwestern. Southeast Arizona is my home and area of primary interest.

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