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Deer Valley Presentation and Firing Demonstration

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What: Lecture: “Reverse Engineering Salado Polychrome Pottery” and pottery firing demonstration
When: January 16, 2016 10:30 AM to 2:00 PM
Where: Deer Valley Petroglyph Preserve
3711 W Deer Valley Rd, Glendale, AZ 85308

In the late thirteenth century a new type of pottery called Salado polychromes appeared across a broad swath of the southern Southwest. A better understanding of the technology used to create such wares will help answer some of the questions related to Salado as a cultural phenomenon. Potter and independent researcher Andy Ward will discuss how he has used the process of “reverse engineering” to successfully reproduce Salado polychromes and the lessons learned along the way.

For more information contact Deer Valley Petroglyph Preserve 623-582-8007


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About Andy Ward

I am an independent researcher, writer and artist interested in all things Southwestern. Southeast Arizona is my home and area of primary interest.

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