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Clay & Mineral Collecting Expeditions

On the third Saturday of every month you can join me as I explore for native clay and minerals in southern Arizona. Each month will have a different location and target material, spaces in this activity are limited to three people. This intimate group will drive around, explore in remote areas, hike up hills and down arroyos and comb over old mine tailing piles in search of the raw materials needed to create authentic prehistoric pottery. While we explore the back-roads of Arizona we will have time to discuss the technology and process of refining these raw materials and making authentic prehistoric pottery. The cost to come on this adventure is $25 payable the morning of the outing, please use my contact form to indicate if you are interested in joining one of the clay expeditions listed below and check back for details of future expeditions.

January 21, 2017 Sulphur Springs Valley
We will be collecting clays and temper in the Sulphur Springs Valley, exploring in the area of several large Salado Pueblos in the area, we will discuss the intricacies of a Salado polychrome reproduction, visit some ruins and search for the organic clays and volcanic ash temper found in this area. Meet in Benson at 7:00 AM

February 18, 2017 Phoenix/Salt River
We will be looking for good clays to use in the Phoenix area, exploring the alluvial deposits of the Salt River and surrounding areas. This is a rare opportunity for urban clay hunting. Meet in Mesa at 9:00 AM

March 18, 2017 Safford and Bonita Creek
In March I will be exploring the Safford Valley and north to Bonita Creek area, looking for Salado white slip sources and organic alluvial clays. This area was a landing zone for Kayenta immigrants in the thirteenth century, we will talk about this phenomenon and look for the clay resources they might have used to create their pottery. Meet in Benson at 7:00 AM


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About Andy Ward

I am an independent researcher, writer and artist interested in all things Southwestern. Southeast Arizona is my home and area of primary interest.

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