Andy Ward
traditional SW pottery

About Me

Growing up in Southeastern Arizona I was always fascinated by the ruins and artifacts found there. As an art student in high school this interest in prehistory grew into an appreciation for the prehistoric artwork and a curiosity about how it was made, I began using native clay to try to recreate vessels like those I saw in museums and the sherds I found in the desert. My work is inspired by the prehistoric pottery of southeast Arizona and true to the traditions practiced and handed down for centuries by those potters. My work is not intended to be exact replicas of that pottery, it is inspired by and true to that tradition, but as the ancient artists made each piece their own, so do I.

In a world full of identical objects made by machines, handmade objects take on new meaning, each of my pots is hand crafted to be unique, a thing of beauty that hearkens back to a long forgotten civilization in a simpler time. I personally gather and process all of the raw materials used in my pottery from the deserts and mountains of southeast Arizona, from the clay I dig to the mesquite beans I collect and cook down into paint. My work is a product of the land it represents, a piece of the desert southwest, inspired by the native cultures of this land, hand made by a native-son of this land.